Skateboard Backpacks

Your closet is not much more than a show box for your collection of hats, which you exclusively wear backward, and no doubt,

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Large bags, coolers, backpacks and sealed packages of any kind are not permitted. Uber Drop-off & Pick-up Area Now Availab.

Krummenacher eventually broke away from the fracas with the red backpack, only to get smashed on the head by a man with a ska.

Children in attendance for the park opening received free skateboards, helmets, knee pads, and backpacks filled with T-shirts and socks. The Comeback Kid Skatepark Project is the first initiative of K.

Hood in Hood River, Oregon, Dakine builds backpacks, travel bags, accessories, outerwear and clothing for people who surf, sn.

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Movpak is a new product that combines a backpack with a remote-operated skateboard, including a built-in speaker, USB port, and tracker. More From Business Insider

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Enter the Kuickwheel Serpent-C, an 18-inch long, remote-controlled electric skateboard that’s smaller than a Penny Board and easily fits in most backpacks. The board’s also less than $220 during its c.

Patti McGee has always happily skated to her own tune. McGee is a living legend: the first female skateboarding champion; the first skateboarder to grace the cover of a major mainstream magazine (L.

It was around the time that I cut between two taxis while rushing down Seventh Avenue that I realized how well the Movpak handled. As I carved across the bike lane, crowds of people stopped to stare.

Movpak offers a funky solution to a common urban commuting problem: how to get you, and all your stuff, to your destination quickly and easily. A hybrid backpack and electric skateboard, Movpak was de.

Ramirez met a lot of people at the skate park who were all deeply saddened by the events. Also, the Women of the Moose assists with stuffing the backpacks for Albany County School District No. 1, a.

She turned around to see a man wearing a hat and a backpack with a skateboard attached to it run away. She then got into her.

According to Moncure, the victim and others were skateboarding when a group of about six people, all believed to be juveniles, approached and tried to take his “Supreme” backpack. One attacker choked.

A few months ago we told you about Movpak, a backpack that’s totally unremarkable except for the fold-out electric skateboard hidden inside. Last week, we got to test-ride a prototype ahead of the com.

The DIY ethos I learned in my youth through skateboarding helped me explore the things I didn. Water bottle cages on bikes.

MovPak is a Kickstarter-funded electric skateboard backpack that aims to solve the “last mile” problem of public transportation. Using a wireless remote, MovPak can go up to 15 MPH and has enough ener.

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For those with a long commute to work, the hardest part can be the last mile between getting off of the subway or train and walking to the office. The Movpak is an electric skateboard built into a ful.

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